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Chris has been a modeler and artist for over 20 years, and he brings his expertise and skill to help customers choose the right product for them and to turn that product into their own masterpieces. Chris is a graduate of Delaware County Community College in graphic arts and web design.  His detailed models have won him awards in painting and overall army composition in Malifaux and Warhammer Tournaments.

Anita is a classically-trained artist with a degree from Moore College of Art in Philadelphia. Anita, an honors graduate, has also operated PAST IMAGES BY ANITA, offering specialized and original art, photo and doll restoration services to individuals and businesses for over 17 years. 

She is also the author of two books that detail the paranormal experiences she and Chris experienced at her deceased friend's home and then at her own home. ESTATE OF HORROR and DARK TRANSFERENCE tell a strange and often frightening tale of cruel ghosts from another era, objects "not of this world" and child ghosts who inhabit the yard and house.  Interested in the paranormal? Get the whole story at Anita's website.

Anita and Chris Owners of Enter The Realm

Meet Anita and Chris, the fantastic mother and son owners and proprietors of Enter The Realm.  If you've visited the store, it's a good bet that you've met and talked with one or both of them.  They are dedicated to making Enter The Realm the best hobby and gaming store that customers want and deserve.  And with their backgrounds and experience, they will surely accomplish their goal.