Enter The Realm

At Enter The Realm, we pride ourselves on having the products our customers want. We work with our vendors to bring the newest products to our store, and offer exclusives that can't be found anywhere else.

Now our customers who aren't close to our location in Southeast Pennsylvania can purchase the same products, in our new online store.  While customers can always walk into the physical store, our online store is a convenient way for all of our friends, near and far, (and really far if you count aliens in distant realms) can add our products to their collections.

We feature and post FUNKO POPS EXCLUSIVES every Wednesday, offering our exclusive POPS and also those from many of the area big box stores. So why drive around for miles, waste your gas and time going to six stores (when you could be watching Stranger Things.....) looking for that one, elusive POP?  Instead you can shop directly from our FACEBOOK pages and inquire about the several hundred EXCLUSIVE POPS posted every Wednesday. Pay directly through PAYPAL and we ship out your POP to you. We mail all across the USA!.